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PAW.COM is Jim Smith's consulting company, specializing in the design and implementation of complex software systems for small businesses.


Fusing a scientific and business education with software development experience, Jim Smith turns extremely complex applications from drawing board concepts into profitable, working software.

His decade of experience as a software architect combines the skills of analysis, design, planning, coding and project management to ensure that the resulting application is documented, scalable, cost-effective, and most importantly, squarely addresses the business objectives.

With a Masters degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Cornell, Jim is not only equipped to deal with a broad range of highly technical issues, but he is also a consummate communicator, using his liberal education to bridge the gap between "propeller heads" and business users.

An entrepreneur in his own right, Jim has competence in the entire business cycle, from inception and growth, right through sale and transition. He knows that the most valuable businesses minimize their risks and build the most transferable value. By modeling and prototyping software, Jim proves that a concept is feasible, and by accumulating and organizing intellectual property, Jim constantly prepares for scale and transition.

Jim is based in Los Angeles, California.


  • I don't have time for spam. If you really need to reach me, try leaving a detailed message with your return number at 310-659-9010. No solicitors.
  • Jim's personal Web site is at
  • Jim also blogs about AB 43, the California Marriage Equalization Act
  • PAW.COM supports Marriage Equality and sponsors the Rice Not Stones family of sites.


PAW.COM started as a company to provide permanent email addresses and data storage services for people, based on a "perpetual" model. It quickly became the host to The Sailing Source, the largest Sailing community on the Web.

PAW.COM transitioned into a smaller company focused on helping customers bring their business concepts to life.

The company is run with the philosophy that minimizing risk and building transferable value are the best ways to bring value to our customers; the services that we provide are focused precisely on that goal.


  • Jim currently works for Ultramercial, an advertising agency with a proprietary format and vision. Jim designed their ad trafficking system from scratch and currently supervises the ongoing production and development. A LAMP implementation.
  • Jim co-created the company Azteria, a web site that automates healthcare recruiting. Nurses, doctors and technicians can manage their career by finding hospitals & other facilities that hire them, and submit their online profile directly to those places. A LAMP implementation. Azteria is currently blossoming on its own.
  • Jim was CTO for online marketer Word of Net who provided research for search engine optimization. We would fire keywords at search engines and track all the stuff that came back, and created a patented algorithm for scoring a site's visibility.
  • Jim put together the Web interface to the trip planning application at the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). By typing in where you are and where you want to go, riders can retrieve a list of busses that will get them there. ASP to C++ ISAPI.
  • Jim adapted the Web site for Medical Resource Network, a travel nurse recruiting company, and added a Web interface that allows nurses to set up accounts and update their profiles on-line in real-time.
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